Unique talent pool

Expertise you can trust: You can trust the expertise of our talent pool, as they have top academic credentials and professional certifications that demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning, as well as taken successful courses from successful founders.

A wealth of experience
: Our growth assistants have a proven track record of success, having gained skills through years of experience working for remote companies. This means they have the expertise and insight needed to succeed in your roles and can provide valuable insights to your team.

Remote accountants auditing a United States based company.
Remote meeting with tech founder in the United States.


70% lower than US rates: The cost of hiring a fully embedded Outforce team member with a dedicated growth manager from South Africa is significantly lower than market rates in the US, with comparable levels of skills and experience.

Scale your business: With Outforce, you can scale your business with the same level of effectiveness at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional hiring methods.


1. Click the "Start Hiring" button: Provide information about the tasks you are looking to delegate.

2. Let the search begin:
We will conduct a thorough search to find 3 suitable candidates for the role in our pool.

3. Final selection:
We will present the 3 candidates to you and assist you in scheduling interviews to make your final selection.

4. Successful placement:
Once you have a successful placement, the growth assistant will have weekly support from a growth manager. (Free replacement guarantees & can cancel at any time)

zero risk invovlved

We provide a 90-day guarantee, which means if you are unsatisfied with our assistants knowledge and performance within the first 90 days, we will offer a replacement growth assistant within our pool

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Find out the exact salary you can expect for the growth assistant you're looking for.

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