Marketing Generalist

Looking for someone that can do a diverse amount of marketing tasks? We can tackle your diverse needs and help you achieve your business objectives:

1/ Website Management

  • From updating content to optimizing user experience, our experts ensure your website stays fresh and engaging.

2/ Lead Generation

  • Implement effective strategies, create compelling landing pages and lead magnets, and optimize conversion paths to drive leads and sales.

3/ Outreach

  • Whether it's finding new partners, influencers, or media opportunities, or cold email automation, we can work on these strategies to expand your network and visibility.

4/ Event Management

  • Handle all aspects of event coordination and promotion, from logistics to attendee engagement, ensuring your events are a success.

These are just a few examples of tasks a Marketing Generalist can do for you.  Click 'Start Hiring' now and tell us what sort of tasks you want to delegate so we can get started.

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