Content Distribution

Looking to generate more content and drive more inbound leads four your B2B? This will be the perfect growth assistant for you..

1/ Create Visuals

  • Produce visuals using tools like Canva and Figma to create amazing visual content across your social media channels.

2/ Repurpose Your Content

  • Whether your B2B business has a podcast, blog, or newsletter, ensure you're utilizing all targeted channels like LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Indiehackers, Product Hunt, and subreddits. We can pre-train your VA to distribute content effectively, driving more inbound leads and awareness without risking bans from channels.

3/ Manage Comments

  • Handle replies to your content and DM conversations.

4/ Comment On Similar Creators Content

  • Engage with content from similar creators and major figures on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. Providing value to their content daily can lead to rapid growth and recognition for your page.

5/ Community Comment Strategy

  • Subreddits and Facebook groups are valuable for lead generation through word-of-mouth. We can provide valuable comments related to your business without being seen as self-promotion.

6/ Networking

  • To accelerate growth on social media, establish connections with the right people daily through networking group. While this is usually recommended for the founder, it's a strategy that can be implemented with your content distribution expert.

There is a lot of different strategies that can be implemented with your content distribution expert. Click 'Start Hiring' now and tell us what sort of tasks you want to delegate so we can get started.

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